Privacy Policy


1. Honor Securities (HK) Limited ("Honor Securities" or "we") is committed to providing customers with the best
securities services.
2. Based on the service needs, we shall use customer data. We understand that customers are extremely concerned
about the use and confidentiality of their personal data.
3. We have always been serious about customer data security and customer privacy protection. Therefore, Honor
Securities has made the following rules and is committed to maintain the confidentiality of customer data and information.
4. Individual customer may be required to provide us with personal data ("Information") for the purpose of use provided under Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486). The customer data (and other data) can be used for the
following purposes:
- The day-to-day operations of the services and facilities provided for customers;
- 向客戶提供之服務及設施之日常運作;
- To conduct a credit review;
- 進行信貸審查;
- To assist other agencies in conducting credit reviews;
- 協助其他機構進行信貸審查;
- To ensure that the customer's credit is maintained;
- 確保客戶的信用維持良好;
- To design financial services or related products for use by customers;
- 設計供客戶使用的金融服務或相關產品;
- To promote financial services and related products to customers (Please see Paragraph 6 below for further details);
- 向客戶推廣金融服務及相關產品(進一步詳情請參閱下文第6條);
- To determine the amount of debt owed to customers or customers in arrears;
- 釐定拖欠客戶或客戶拖欠的債務金額;
- To comply with the requirements for disclosure in accordance with the requirements of any legislation or regulation;
- 根據任何法例或規例之規定,符合作出披露之要求;
- and any use related to any of the foregoing.
- 及與任何前述部份有關的任何用途。
5. Customer-related data (and other data) held by Honor Securities will be kept confidential. Honor Securities may disclose all data (and other data) to the following persons, and customer’s consent for such disclosure is also the
condition for Honor Securities to provide services, products and data to customers:
- Any officer, employee, agent, contractor or third party who provides Honor Securities with administrative, credit data, debt recovery, telecommunications, computer, payment or other services related to its business operations;
- 任何向匯恒證券提供有關其業務運作之行政、信貸數據、債務追討、電訊、計算機、繳款或其他服務之高級職員、雇員、代理、承包商或第三者;
- Any financial institution that the customer has or intends to trade with;
- 客戶已有或擬與之進行交易之任何金融機構;
- Regulatory or judicial authorities and other relevant government or statutory bodies;
- 監管或司法當局及其他有關政府或法定機構;
- Any other person who is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Honor Securities, including Honor Securities, which is committed to maintaining such information;
- 任何有責任為匯恒證券保密之其他人士,包括匯恒證券以內承諾保持此等資料機密之公司。
- The use of customer data within Honor Securities is subject to strict internal security standards, confidentiality policies and applicable laws.
- 匯恒證券內公司之間對客戶之數據使用,須依據嚴格之內部安全標準、保密政策及適用法律。
- We bind our employees to full compliance with such standards, policies and laws.
- 我們約束雇員完全遵守該等標準、政策及法律。
- We do not distribute customer data to other companies except for conducting business, complying with applicable laws, protecting against fraud or making products and services that we believe the distribution may be in the
customer's interest. We may also provide information to regulatory authorities and law enforcement officers in accordance with applicable laws.
- 除為了進行業務、遵守適用法律、保護免受欺詐或作出我們認為可能符合客戶利益之產品及服務優惠外,我們不會將有關客戶的數據分發予其他公司。我們亦可依據適用法律向監管當局及執法人員提供資料。
- We set a high standard to protect our customer data from unauthorized changes or damage.
- 我們訂立了極高標準,以保護客戶的數據免受未經授權之更改或破壞。
6. We intend to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, for which we must obtain your consent (including no objection). Part VIA of the Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Ordinance introduces specific requirements for
obtaining your consent (including no objection). In this regard, please note that:
我們擬使用閣下的個人資料作直接促銷,為此我們須取得閣下的同意(包括表示不反對)。 《個人資料(私隱)(修訂)條例》第VIA部引入關於取得閣下同意的具體要求(包括表示不反對)。就此,務請閣下注意:
- Your name, contact details, product and service portfolio information, trading patterns and conduct, financial background and statistics held by Honor Securities from time to time may be used by Honor Securities for direct sales; 
- 匯恒證券不時持有的閣下的姓名、聯絡詳情、產品及服務投資組合資訊、交易模式及行為、財務背景及統計資料可由匯恒證券用於直接促銷;
- The following categories of services, products and promotional slogans are available for promotion:
- 以下服務、產品及促銷標語類別可作推廣:
a. Finance, insurance, securities, commodities, investment and related services, products and credits;
b. Donations and financial aid for charitable and / or non-profit making purposes;
- The above services, products and promotional slogans may be provided by Honor Securities and/or the following persons or (if related to donations and grants):
- 上述服務、產品及促銷標語可由匯恒證券及/或下述人士提供或(如涉及捐款及資助)募捐:
a. Any member of Honor Securities;
b. Third-party financial institutions, underwriters, securities, commodities and investment service providers;
c. Charitable or non-profit organization;
- If you do not wish Honor Securities to use or provide your data to other persons for the above direct marketing purposes, you may send a written notice to Honor Securities to exercise your right to refuse to participate in direct
marketing activities by emailing us at 
- 如閣下不希望匯恒證券使用或提供閣下的數據予其他人士作上述直接促銷用途,閣下可向匯恒證券以發送郵件至cs@hnhn6.com的形式發出書面通知,以行使閣下拒絕參與直銷活動的權利。
7. Honor Securities may carry out the following activities in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and other applicable laws:
- Pair, compare or exchange any customer data or other data with the data (or other data) held by Honor Securities or any other person for the following purposes:
a. Credit review;
b. Data (or other data) check that may be used to take actions that are unfavorable to the customer or any other person at any time;
- Transfer such data (or other data) to any place outside Hong Kong (whether processing, holding or using such data or other data outside of Hong Kong).
8. According to and in accordance with the terms of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, each customer has the right to: 
- Check if Honor Securities holds customer data and whether it has the right to use such data;
- 檢查匯恒證券是否持有有關客戶之數據,及是否有權使用此等數據;
- Request Honor Securities to change any wrong information about the customer; and
- 要求匯恒證券更改有關客戶之任何錯誤資料;及
- Determine the policies and practices of Honor Securities and the types of personal data held by Honor Securities.
- 確定匯恒證券有關資料之政策及做法,以及獲知匯恒證券持有有關客戶之個人資料種類。
9. Please submit the request to review and/or correct any data by calling us at our Customer Service Hotline +852 2262 9000 or emailing us at
查閱及/或改正客戶所提交之任何數據請致電客戶服務熱線 +852 2262 9000 或發送郵件至
10. Pursued by the terms of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Honor Securities reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing any data request.
11. The information about the customers will only be used for the business purposes as well as product design and offers of Honor Securities.
12. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.